Sinterklaas recipes



Are plain kruidnoten too boring for you? Pre-Sinterklaas snack: fill a bowl with kruidnoten, melt white chocolate (keep stiring, don’t make it too hot!), dribble this over the kruidnoten and add chocolate sprinkles. Ready to eat!


Sinterklaas breakfast: fill a bowl with quark or yoghurt, slice a banana and decorate your quark with the slices. Add your favourite muesli and sprinkle kruidnoten crumbles on top. If you like, you can add more fruit (like mandarin).


Have a nice almost-Sinterklaas-day snack with this delicious smoothie. Mix a handful of kruidnoten with half a banana and 200ml milk until it’s smooth. Poor it in your most beautiful glass and drink it while eating kruidnoten. We love this season!