Mould: Diamonds


Chocolate diamonds, ice cube diamonds, cake diamonds. Diamonds are our best friends. Express your imagination with these great silicone moulds. Try adding food colouring to make your creation even more special.


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Extra information on silicone moulds:

These silicone moulds are made in Italy and can be used with temperatures ranging from -60 ° C to +230 ° C. The silicone is a non-stick elastic material that is resistant to ageing. It is completely non-toxic, odourless and tasteless and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The moulds can be taken from the oven/microwave and placed immediately in the fridge freezer and vice versa.

For washing the moulds it is recommended not to use strong detergents, sparkling aids and deodorants for dishwashers. In case of washing with rinse aid, the appearance of a white coating may occur on the surface of the mould and in the subsequent baking foods could present a flavor alteration. However, the performance and safety of the mould are not compromised. To eliminate this problem boiling the product in water for a few minutes is recommended.

After the use of special ingredients – such as cocoa butter or tomato sauce – it may form white or colored spots on the surface of the mould: it is normal when this occurs and does not affect the performance and safety of the product. To remove the emergence of particles from the mould, we suggest to dip it for a few minutes in boiling water to release what it has previously held.